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Fronimo's Wine Selections
Ouzo 12
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Greek Whites


Boutari Kretikos White - Crete, Greece

An intense, fruity aroma of citrus trees, peach and grapefruit with a pleasant taste and long, aromatic finish


Boutari Moschofilero - Pelopponese, Greece

A well-balanced, refreshing wine with intense flavor and a long, aromatic aftertaste of orange blossom and grapefruit


Kourtaki Retsina - Attica (Athens), Greece

Rich aroma imparted by the resin of Halkidiki pines; typical rich taste, soft, cool with a spicy aftertaste; dry, with an elegant retsina ‘bite’



Ploes Chardonnay Assyrtiko (House) - Drama, Greece

Exceptional minerality, coupled with ample lemon and notes of mouthwatering citrus



Greek Reds


Boutari Nemea - Pelopponese, Greece

Intense aromas of plum and new oak barrel with a velvety taste


Boutari Kretikos Red - Crete, Greece

Vibrant red color, pleasant aroma of sweet red fruit. Mild taste with soft tannins, good acidity, very good balance and aromatic aftertaste


Elegido Tempranillo (House) - LaMancha, Spain

Aromas of strawberries, raspberries and licorice. Tasty, broad, fresh, and soft with a touch of acidity.



Domestic Wines


Mark West Black Label Pinot Noir – Monterey, California

This concentrated ruby red wine is full bodied and rich with hints of black cherries and plums, mocha, vanilla, and caramel; deep, dark and smooth



Anew Rosé -  Columbia Valley, WA

Aromas of pink grapefruit and peach blossom; the result is a vibrant wine with racy acidity, savory minerality, and flavors of crisp watermelon and juicy strawberry that linger on the palate



Anew Riesling -  Columbia Valley, WA

Aromas of ripe fruit and subtle spice with fresh peach flavors and a clean refreshing finish



Chateau Ste Michelle Mimi Chardonnay - Columbia Valley, WA

Lightly oaked, elegant style, with notes of apple and pear fruit character with bright natural acidity.





Ouzo 12

Ouzo 12 is the Ouzo with the extraordinary aroma of history and tradition. Every single bottle is representative of the soul of Greece. It took its name in 1880 at the Kaloyannis Distillery from "Barrel No 12". This extract was preferred for its rich taste and its delicate aroma. Today, it still keeps the same taste that makes Ouzo 12 one of the most consumed varieties of this aniseed-flavoured spirit of Greek tradition worldwide.





FIX Hellas (Greece)

Premium lager with a soft flavor that has a balanced bitterness enhancing the pleasant flavors that emerged during the yeast fermentation and a rounded, long-lasting aftertaste


Mythos (Greece)

Produced from selected varieties of barley and hops; a lager with a rich head, bright blonde color and a pleasant, refreshing taste 


Keo (Cyprus)

Slightly sweet malt balanced with great hop character; dry and clean finish


Bass (England)

English malts, aromatic hops and water rich in essential salts and minerals combine to give its slight burnt roast aroma and high-quality, full-bodied flavor 


Beck’s (Germany)

Classic German lager beer with a distinctive full-bodied taste, fresh "hoppy" bouquet, golden color and rich head


Black Boss Porter (Poland)

Port Wine aromas of oak, cherry and raisins precede flavors of caramel, raisins, and bitter chocolate. The smooth, creamy mouthfeel contributes to this delicious beer


Stella Artois (Belgium)

Crisp. balanced. biscuity, earthy, and light-bodied


Stella Artois Cidré (Belgium)

The taste of red apple and peach/apricot accents complement the subtle flavor of orange, giving it a refreshing taste with a pleasing

wood finish (gluten free)




Bud Light

Crisp, smooth taste and delicate malt sweetness 


Barrio Blonde (Tucson’s Barrio Brewing)

A light, crisp beer with a slight malt flavor and just enough Czechoslovakian Saaz hops to balance the malt sweetness


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